Monday, April 23, 2012

Princes and I April 17, 2012 Replay

In the beautiful kingdom of Yangdon, Prince Anand Maghirang (Albert Martinez) was crowned as the new King after his father became very ill and died. King Anand then introduced his love, Isabel (Precious Lara Quigaman), a Filipina and is not welcome at the kingdom. As King Anand decided to marry Isabel, making Isabel the new queen, Ashi Behati (Gretchen Barretto) envied to have the power and rule the kingdom. As days passed and the kingdom is very peaceful, Ashi Behati never stopped trying to get rid of Queen Isabel. Meanwhile, King Anand and Queen Isabel were very happy to have their daughter, Princess Mikay Maghirang (Kathryn Bernardo) was born. Then came the day, King Anand together with Queen Isabel and Princess Mikay decided to have a vacation in the Philippines. Ashi Behati, on the other hand, paid somebody to kill Queen Isabel and Princess Mikay. With this in mind, will Ashi Behati be successful with her plans and finally get rid of Queen Isabel and Princess Mikay?




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