Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hiram Na Puso March 7, 2012 Replay

Zeny Banaag (Gina Alajar) had known from the second doctor that the heart of her daughter, Lira Banaag (Kris Bernal), is not having a good condition anymore. The doctor suggests that she would undergo a heart transplant. And if ever she would not be having one, she would only live for a short moment. Thd doctor added that she would only last for about six months. Zeny was crying. She told the doctor that the institution is not having a heart transplant. How would they do that surgery possible? And if ever it is not from that hospital, where would they make that? The doctor then advised Zeny to take Lira home because they are already having bigger expenses if they would still stay there. Zeny was could not make up her mind well.

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