Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Experience During Justin Bieber Concert in Manila

We all know that attending concerts is not an easy way. Expect that the venue will be a crowded one, just what like happen during the Concert Tour of Justin Bieber here in Manila. But during the said event, there is a crowd control on the event which protects Justin Beiber from accidents and the crowds as well. Some people fall in line during the entrace while some didn't follow and rush to get the best sit.

Even some people are not doing the right thing because they climb on the barricades just to see their teen idol. One of the best way to prevent some injuries and accidents during this kind of event is to use stanchions or even velvet rope will do.

Overall, the concert was great and I had already seen my IDOL Justin Bieber. Did you enjoy your experience also during the concert?

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